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Stay Up-To-Date on News!

Posted in Newsfeeds has two great ways for you to stay up-to-date with this site!

You can have e-mail delivered directly to your destkop or you can utilize our RSS new feeds.

Benefits of Membership:

Members will receive news updates directly to their e-mailboxes. Also, registered users can take advantage of the commenting system and other exclusive features of this site. Registration is fast and easy.

Click here to be taken to the user registration page.  Signing up is free and easy to do.  Once registered you will begin receiving regular updates via email on the latest news from

RSS News Feeds

This site makes extensive use of the RSS news feed system.  In each news category (General News, Sports, Community, Announcements) there is an orange icon  at the bottom of the page.  This icon allows you to subscribe to automatic news feed updates using various applications and certain webbrowsers (ie: FireFox).  Once you have subscribed to a news feed, you will begin receiving updates to your computer as they happen here at

There is also a global RSS news feed option, which is marked with , located in the left-hand menu.  Clicking on this icon will subscribe you to all news items across various categories, including sports, community events, headline news, announcements and more.

More information regarding RSS new feeds and the software that supports them can be found by doing simple web searches.