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Cenikor teams with Waco clinic for better outreach

Written by staff. Posted in Latest

The Freeman Center has joined forces with the Cenikor Foundation in Houston to form a strategic partnership providing services to adults and adolescents with drug/alcohol dependence. The Freeman Center has served adults with chemical dependence in Waco and Central Texas for 42 years, while Cenikor, now celebrating 44 years, offers a continuum of care in Texas and Louisiana that encompasses residential treatment for adults and adolescents, outpatient services, in-prison counseling and detoxification programs.

"We see this alliance as a win-win situation," says Kathleen Gray, President of the Board of The Freeman Center. "Cenikor has a stellar record of success with its residential and outpatient treatment programs for adults and adolescents. Its staff and board of directors bring to bear a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will continue the life-changing work of treating those with chemical dependence."

"Cenikor is excited to partner with The Freeman Center to help expand services in this key area of Texas," says Bill Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of the Cenikor Foundation. "We have a strong presence in the Houston area and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so this alliance helps bridge Cenikor's service gap in Central Texas. Our missions and overall philosophies are closely aligned, so it makes sense for these two organizations to work in tandem."

Bailey has ties to Waco, as he served as Senior Vice President of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center from 2000-2004. "Waco has a wonderful, caring community of health care professionals who are committed to the needs of its patients, in both the medical and mental health arenas," says Bailey.

The Freeman Center opened in Waco in 1969 to serve those with chemical dependency in Central Texas by equipping them to lead clean, sober, healthy and productive lives. Its philosophy states that "recovery is based on achieving and maintaining balance in four compass points of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual."

Since 1967, the Cenikor Foundation has helped people reach within themselves and come to terms with the root causes of their addictions. Its newly expanded family of services helps people of all ages in all stages of addiction. Licensed clinical and medical staffs in all of Cenikor's facilities understand the struggle of recovery and the affect the disease has on family and friends. Its programs guide adults and adolescents as they take personal responsibility for learning and practicing skills that lead to productive, substance-free lives.

The non-profit organization is headquartered in Houston with treatment centers in Texas and Louisiana. Long-term adult residential facilities are located in Baton Rouge, Deer Park and Fort Worth. The Lake Charles Facility provides both short-term residential care and detoxification. Odyssey House Texas in Houston is a therapeutic community treatment model for teens ages 13-18. The Counseling and Recovery Experience clinic provides mental health services on an outpatient basis to children, teens and adults in Baton Rouge. Cenikor is also contracted by Texas Department of Criminal Justice for a 192-bed, female in-prison treatment facility at the Henley Prison Unit in Dayton. For more information about Cenikor, visit