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Council to examine several repair and maintenance items at meeting

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Latest

City Council's agenda for Tuesday's meeting includes a recommendation to enter a contract for preventative roof maintenance. The workshop begins at 6:30 p.m. while the regular meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. Both take place in Council Chambers at 710 W. San Augustine.

Council previously has hired Tremco for preventive maintenance of the roofs of city-owned structures. Renewal of the contact was not included in the 2011-2012 budget. If the city authorizes a new contract, it would be funded with available contingency funds at a cost of $39,463.42, which includes coverage for 24 city facilities. The program covers preventative maintenance issues and leak response whereby small leaks are fixed at no cost while larger leak repairs are eligible for discounted prices.

Also on the agenda is an authorization to seek bids for repairs to the signature bridge at the Battleground at Deer Park Golf Course. In December, Council hired Klotz Associates for design and engineering work for repairs to the bridge. Now that the initial work has been completed, the project is ready to begin receiving bids for these repairs. The engineer's estimate of construction cost is $273,134. The 2011-2012 budget contains $300,000 of hotel occupancy tax funds to make these repairs.

The agenda also includes a measure to appropriate funds from the 2011-12 budget to accommodate the purchase and installation of two solids contact clarifiers for the Surface Water Plant. At the last council meeting, Public Works Director Bill Pedersen explained the need to make major repairs to two of four clarifiers at the water treatment plant. Recommendations include hiring a company that will fabricate these stainless steel clarifiers over the course of 18 to 22 weeks, then spend an additional 4 or 5 weeks installing them at the water plant. The installation work will occur in late 2012, as the use of all four clarifiers is necessary to meet water production demands during the summer months. The city is making temporary repairs to the clarifiers make it through the next summer. The project's total cost is $1,751,000. In order to fund this, city staff has proposed re-appropriating two Water & Sewer Fund capital outlay items, re-appropriating two 10-year Capital Improvements Fund items, and using Water & Sewer Fund Reserves.

A separate item is on the agenda concerning a budget amendment for emergency repairs at a collapsed sewer line near the water treatment plant, which cost $150,000.

By approving the aforementioned budget amendments, the city will cover the cost of emergency repairs to the collapsed sewer line near the wastewater treatment plant and the need for two new clarifiers at the water treatment plant at a cost of $1,751,000. The amendment reallocates $850,000 from the Water & Sewer Fund's Capital Improvements Fund (funded by the sale of 2011 certificates of obligation), reallocating $510,000 in the 2011-2012 Water & Sewer Capital Outlay budget, and allocating $382,000 from the reserves of the Water & Sewer fund.

Also, council is expected to vote on using up to $29,400 of more than $600,000 in bond funds for the geotechnical investigation of the Community Center foundation system. The Community Center next door to City Hall has experienced foundation problems. There are cracks in its walls and related problems that occur with a distressed foundation. With this action, Council will be able to hire a contractor to conduct a two-phase analysis of the building and the geotechnical composition beneath it. This will include a review the building's construction documents, perform a visual inspection and survey analysis of the Community Center and take soil samples.

Council will also discuss and vote on a request of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce for a Temporary Occupancy Permit to bring the Carson & Barnes Circus to Deer Park on April 1 and 2. The Chamber has received permission from Deer Park Independent School District to have the event on school property near Bonnette Jr. High School at 5010 W. Pasadena Boulevard. City Codes state the Council reviews and approves requests for a Temporary Occupancy Permit related to a circus. In accordance with this ordinance, the permit requestor must satisfy the Council that the event will not create a nuisance of other properties, in terms of the odor, dust, noise, lighting and traffic.

Also on the agenda is an amendment item relating to the city's contract with the Chamber for the Hotel Occupancy Tax agreement. The contract states the Chamber must contract for an independent audit of the funds paid by the city. Since mid-January, the Chamber has been unable to hire an independent auditing firm for a full-scale "audit" of these funds. Several Certified Public Accountants have told the Chamber and the city they cannot complete an audit, but could accomplish an examination of these financial records through a review called an "Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement." The City's auditor, John Manning, has said the Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement is better suited to meet the needs rather than a full audit.