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Memorial grabs win over Lady Deer in 22-6A opener

Written by Adrian Romero. Posted in Sports

The Lady Deer fell to Pasadena Memorial Friday night 62-51 in both team’s district opener.

The first quarter started out shaky for the Lady Deer, with turnovers plaguing their offense and allowing Memorial to gain an advantage. However, Deer Park utilized free throws as well as 4 points from freshman starting guard Enriqua Bellow (11 pts, 6 rebounds, 5 steals) to keep the score within 3 points.

This hard playing did not go unnoticed, and Lady Deer Senior post Mikayla Bush noted how well the underclassmen are contributing to this team. "They work hard in practice and we're all coming together really well when we play. When you have young talent like that it's good to use it and I think as long as we all do our jobs we can have a good season," said Bush.

Deer Park continued to play from behind throughout the second quarter as a result of not being able to find an answer to stopping Memorial's offense from scoring. The Lady Deer managed to find a spark offensively in Bush, who lit up the second quarter with 8 points. Bush would go on to be the leading scorer of the night, complementing how her team moved the ball around and managed to get her open so she could be able to score.

"When our offense was able to swing the ball around effectively it really moved the defense to where we wanted them and confused them since it was so fast. This really helped me find an open spot and points up so we did good on that," Bush said. Bush's scoring as well as the scoring from her teammates made it a one point game at the half, 27-28, but with Pasadena Memorial still holding on to the lead.

The second half started off strong for Deer Park, managing to get a bucket in within the first 10 seconds of play. After that, the Lady Deer would become silent as Pasadena Memorial went on a 12-0 run before the DP offense scored again. Turnovers continued to haunt the Deer offensively, not allowing them to get a rhythm going since most drives ended up being cut short. Pasadena Memorial would continue to take advantage of these changes of possession and converted them into points, creating a deficit that the Lady Deer would struggle to overcome. Missed opportunities on offense would also create problems for Deer Park, and Lady deer Head Coach Theresa White took note of this.

"At halftime, we had missed four layups, which is 8 points. We also missed 7 free throws. We also missed some layups in the second half, which left more points on the floor. We make those points instead of coming up empty, its a completely different game in which we most likely end up winning. You have to make layups, you have to make free throws if you want to win games. They have to have the desire to want to get those things done, those are things they can control and we have to get better finishing," said White.

These missed opportunities happened throughout the 4th quarter as well, and the Deer offense could not seem to find a way to fix this issue until late in the 4th quarter, when they did manage to rally and close the gap. This rally would not be enough to get out of the hole they were in, as Memorial managed to hold on long enough to run out the clock. Lady Deer senior and Captain Bri Muñoz notes that the losses come from the leadership of the team just as much as the wins do.

"We need to work on finishing, and the ability to finish comes from how well we do in practice. We all need to do our part, and I will make sure as Captain that we stay focused in practice and give 100% so we can do it in the games. You play like you practice," said Muñoz.