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Lady Deer lose late to Dobie, boys extend winning streak

Written by Adrian Romero. Posted in Sports

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The Lady Deer basketball team lost 48-43 to Dobie in a district thriller Friday night at Watkins Gym. Meanwhile, the boys basketball team remained hot with a 74-55 victory at Dobie. Next up for the teams is Pasadena Memorial. The girls are on the road while the boys are at home.

The Lady Deer basketball team was defeated by Dobie on Friday night with a final score of 43-48.

The game started off relatively slow, as both teams failed to establish a solid rhythm on offense. Deer Park's offensive woes came from turnovers, while Dobie just couldn't get any of their shots to fall in. These factors led to a low scoring first quarter, with neither of the two teams able to make it to 10 points by the end of the quarter.

Dobie seemed to wake up in the second quarter, with their shots finally hitting their mark as well as gaining extra scoring opportunities from Lady Deer turnovers. Deer Park still struggled to find a spark offensively, but managed to stay relatively solid on defense to keep the game close. However, Dobie kept pounding at the Deer throughout the final minutes of the quarter and managed to extend their lead into double digits before the half ended with the score at 21-11.

Deer Park seemed to settle in as the third quarter started, managing to score some points as well as minimize turnovers. However, Dobie still managed to stay in control and matched the Deer's scoring with points of their own.

However, Deer Park got the spark they needed in the form of freshman guard Enriqua Bellow. Bursting for 7 points midway through the third as well as creating turnovers while on defense woke up the players around her and added huge momentum for the Lady Deer. Behind this impressive performance, Deer Park stunned Dobie and cut their lead down to only 3 points.

The Lady Deer looked like a completely different team than they did in the first half, and this shift in their play could be traced back to Bellow's incredible playmaking after she was put in.

"We just weren't focused in the first half and got too many turnovers. I knew we had to get something going to get back in the game so i just stepped up and did what i could, but it was a team effort really," Bellow said.

With new life, the Lady Deer continued to thrive in the final quarter. Bellow, who led all scorers with 24 points, continued to score points and create opportunities. With momentum now on their side, Deer Park gained their first lead of the game with three minutes left to play.

However, Dobie gained some points from the ensuing free throws. The Lady Deer lead disappeared, as the turnovers returned as they played rushed instead of slowing the game down and controlling the clock. With Dobie establishing a decent lead with seconds left, it seemed as if the Lady Deer were done.

Bellow came up clutch with a three pointer to cut Dobie's lead to just 3 points with less than 30 seconds left to play. Again, the Lady Deer shot themselves in the foot and sent Dobie to the free throw line, where Dobie made big free throws to seemingly seal the game. But Deer Park senior guard Brianna Muñoz made clutch free throws of her own to put the game back within reach for the Lady Deer. However, Dobie's following inbound play confused the Deer, and Dobie managed to score a layup which would put the game away with less than 10 seconds left to play.

Lady Deer Head Coach Theresa White was disappointed by the way this thrilling game ended, but took away coaching points from this game to make sure that her team improves from this loss.

"We had a game plan at the beginning of the game, and we didn't stick to it. We looked like 11 individual players instead of a team. Once we did try to get something going, we had already dug ourselves in a hole and that adds fear to our girl's play because they don't want to make mistakes. We got better in the second half with ball security and executing to get back in the game and we actually got a lead,” she said.

“A lead with 3 minutes left in the game we could've worked the ball around and take time off the clock to knock some wind out of them, but we went right back to playing fast and not sticking to the gameplay that fit that situation and we let them get back in the game. We also made key mistakes at the wrong times which we're going to have to clean up. We have a lot to look at and improve on, and we just got to work harder in practice for the next game," White said.

On the boys side, their winning ways continued with a decisive 74-55 district win at Dobie. Four Deer players scored in double figures, led by Tristan Ikpe’s double-double of 17 points and 12 rebounds. Cade Parham and Garrett Pineault had 15 points each. Terry Anderson added 10 points and 8 boards.

Deer Park jumped out to a 21-17 lead after the first quarter. In the second, the Deer outscored the Longhorns 20-7 to coast the rest of the way.

Next up for Deer Park basketball is Pasadena Memorial. The Lady Deer play on the road while the boys are at home at Watkins Gym. Tip off for both games is slated for 7 p.m.