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Letter to the Editor: Possible convenience store on Luella encroaches on neighborhoods

Written by Letter to the Editor. Posted in Community

I noticed a preliminary hearing for the change in residential property to commercial property for the construction of a convenience store and fuel station on the southwest corner of Luella and Pasadena Blvd.

First of all this is a residential area. There are no businesses on Luella except close to Spencer. I'm not really sure how the residents feel but as a citizen of Deer Park for 50 years I think we have enough convenience stores.

Putting a business like that is going to lower property values in that area as well as cause problems at an already busy intersection. I do not understand why the Planning and Zoning Commission of our city feels like it's a good idea to keep allowing businesses to encroach into our neighborhoods.

I have nothing against business coming in but we already have 11 of these stores in our city limits and three others at the edge of town. Businesses need to stay in commercial areas and leave our neighborhoods alone. If we don't stand up as homeowners and citizens and let our city council know how we feel about our homes and neighborhoods they will continue to allow this to happen. There is a city council meeting 7 p.m. April 3 where they will hold a preliminary public hearing on this matter. Let's get together as citizens and stop business encroachment into our residential neighborhoods.

Patricia House

Deer Park