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Dial, Grigg named Laypersons of the Year at Mayor's Evening of Praise

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

praying handsIN OUR COMMUNITY
For their service to their community through faith, Deer Park ISD Counselor Sherri Dial and Deer Park Police Chief Greg Grigg were named the Deer Park Chamber’s Laypersons of the Year. Dial and Grigg were honored at Mayor Jerry Mouton’s Evening of Praise on Tuesday.

SherriDial LaywomanSherri Dial, a crisis counselor at Deer Park ISD assists children and families in their time of greatest need. She was named the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce's Laywoman of the Year. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.One is a crisis counselor in Deer Park ISD. The other leads the Deer Park Police Department. Both members of the community were honored by the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce as the Laypersons of the Year at Mayor Jerry Mouton’s Evening of Praise.

Sherri Dial, a crisis counselor with Deer Park ISD was named the Laywoman of the Year.

Ken Donnell, who presented the awards, said Dial steps forward when DPISD children are in their most desperate times.

“She loves kids and students she works with. She’s a special kind of counselor,” Donnell said. “She graciously handles cases where students are going through incredibly difficult times.”

Donnell, who sits on the Deer Park ISD Board of Trustees, said there is a considerable amount of homeless students in the district.

“That’s part of her world every day – if there’s a light bill to be paid or dental work to be performed, or if someone needs some clothes. Sometimes, a lost a parent or feels alone. Even with all that, she maintains a positive attitude as she seeks to uplift as well as comfort,” he said.

Dial also assisted in the formation of the Deer Park Opportunity Center, which helps students in need.

The person who nominated Dial for the award said they sit in awe of the woman of God that is Sherri Dial. “She is a true force to be reckoned with and inspires me to be a better person every day,” Donnell said, reading the nomination.

A tearful Dial humbly accepted the award to rousing standing ovation, thanking the near capacity audience.

In describing Grigg, Donnell said the police chief exercises authority over a considerable number of employees, all of whom also have authority, and all of whom he reminds that the authority is god-given.

GregGrigg LaymanDeer Park Police Chief Greg Grigg thanks the community after being named the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce's Layman of the Year. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.“He quotes Romans 13:1 ‘"There is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God,’” Donnell said. “He tells his employees that from the beginning of time, mankind has questioned authority, and those who have authority must learn to submit to authority before they can properly exercise it.”

Donnell said Grigg prays over his department and treats everyone with kindness, respect, fairness, equity and compassion.

“With these ingredients and his kind of leadership, Grigg’s organization is one of the most respected in the city and the impact of he and the organization cannot be overstated,” Donnell said. “The sense of safety and comfort of living in Deer Park is largely attributed to the Deer Park Police Department.”

Grigg said a community’s devotion to faith is not on the decline, despite news reports.

“Prayers are that are answered are because almost 2,000 years ago during this very week, Jesus had his most important week. He gave his life for us and rose again,” he said.

As mayor, Mouton has upheld the Chamber prayer meeting as tradition from mayors before him. In past years, the event had been either a breakfast or lunch. This year’s event was held in the evening in attempt to unite more families across faiths together for praise and worship.

“We have serious needs in this world and our city, and we can only do so much without stopping and asking God to bless what we do,” Mouton said.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by The Voice contestant Chris Crump. Crump’s performance was interspersed by prayers for the community by several Deer Park pastors and other community leaders.