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Letters to Santa

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letterstosantaLETTERS TO SANTA
Christmas is finally here and many of Deer Park's youngest citizens are on Santa's nice list! Here are some of their letters to Santa Claus and a great reminder of the magic of the Christmas season. May all of Deer Park have a joyfilled Christmas, from your friends at

Dear Santa Clause,
Hello Santa! How are you? I hope your doing fantastic! I cant wait for Christmas! How are your reindeers and Elves? And how is Rudolph? On Christmas, Im giving you a present! And your gonna love it! But, you’ll have to wait until Christmas Eve. Also, do you prefer reindeer cookies elf cookies or just plain cookies? Or I can just leave out two of each. I hope your having a great time until Christmas. Also, have you ever had an human come to the North Pole before? Well Merry Christmas Santa!

I would like some wrestlers for Christmas and a phone and please try to make the Texans win so my dad can be happy and I hope I have enough so I could buy my mom something and I would not forget about my sister just a te shirt and some toys bye,
Love Juju, and mom, and dad, and sister

Dear Santa Claus,
The next time you come to my house I will leave you milk and cookies like I always do. Last year I wanted a pug for Christmas but now I have a pug, so this time I want a electric scooter. I don’t really care what color it is. What I also want is emoji stuff. I want you to get stuff for my pug also because he doesn’t have stuff play with but me. I want you to get me some cute outfits for Christmas too. I want a bug giant teddy bear as tall as me. I love you santa so much.

Dear Santa Claus,
Hello Santa I was wondering if you could get me an interesting book for Christmas. I was also wondering how you survive the North Pole. I mean it’s so cold at the North Pole and it always snows too. Well you do have a thick suit and long beard, so I guess that’d keep you warm. Well anyways I was wondering if you could get me a remote controlled helicopter. If you can’t get me that, I’d like a few Harry Potter things. It’s fine if you can’t honestly I only like Christmas because I get to see my cozens. Oh I was also wondering if you could make it snow where I live. Other than those things I don’t really want anything. When it’s christmes Eve, I’ll leave you a lot of cookies and milk.
Your friend,

Hi Santa, my name is Aden. And I just want to tell you ... Merry Christmas! Also, can you tell me if im on the nice or notty list. And what I want for Christmas is a nerf gun. It’s called the Annilator its basicly a sniper rifle but its a nerf gun! And that’s all I want. Because I have everything I want already. And please tell dash to make it snow gain. Also I hope your ok And please let me come see you because I think your really cool so yeah. And don’t let any of the elves be bad. So please have a good Christmas! Merry christmas to you santa!

Dear Santa Claus,
The only thing I want for Christmas this year is a new pair of hi heels. Shoes are my best friend. I can’t wait till you come. I hope you like my cookies that I’m giving you with milk. I hope you get my letter in the mail. I hope im on the nice list. Iv’e been good all year long. I hope you get to see my Christmas tree and get to go to my house. I really hope you like my tree that I becorated and set up. Please tell the elves I said hi for me and mrs. Claus to. You are my best friend ever. Thank you for sending a elf for our classroom. Sh is really funny and pretty and sully. Love you.

Dear Santa,I rily want a elf for my mommy she never had a el I want a phone so I can call my mom dad and my cusen and her family. I am rily sory if I was bad. I am not a bad kid well I try not to be.

Love, Lily

Dear Santa,
I want my family to be thankful for what they get for Christmas and I also want my family to be happy.
Love, Giselle

Dear Santa
For chismas this yaer I want a sowing mshin and for my sister and mom can you get them a press and for my dad I want him to have tools. This yaer and my dog I want to get him a toy that he can chew on forever and I love you santa.

Dear Santa,
I wil gust like my hole family to cam and I what a little present. I what a hudrd and I what pink buy the way i like yore little elf.
Love, Klhoe

Dear Santa,
Im very thankful for you because you bring us toys and for Christmas I want a slime kit because it feels weir but cool. And I hope you have a really good good christmas santa.

Dear Santa,
I would like for Christmas is for joy to come to the world. I’m thankful for all you have done. Thank you for bringing us toys.

Dear Santa,
I wondering is it bese up there? I have a note at my house and she never sent it can you tell snoflak if he can that wood be very helpful so on chrismas eave you will get me the rite things for cherismus.

Dear Santa
I like holdays just like you.
I love you so much santa.
Wold you get my a bick.
I love chrismise and I will be a elf. I love you very much.
Love, Danny

Dear Santa,
What I want for crismas is that my aunt comes for crismus because I love her so much. And snowflake is doing a god job hiding she is a very good hider
Love, Jesus

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the pencil it also smells good! did you’r elves make it. If the elves made it the are good at makeing stuff

Dear Santa, I would like
  • Slime Kit (nikaloden)
  • 10 pack squishes
  • Onzie
  • Slime from glitter slime shop
I also hope you like our tree. We decorratiade for you we also hung up lights for you. I hope I have been good enough so I can get all these gifts. I ope you can answer me back and I would be thankful for any gifts.
Love, Hailey