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Rotary teams with DPISD trustee to provide iPads for SJE dyslexic students

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

Recently, the Deer Park Rotary Club partnered with one of its former presidents to provide iPads to a Deer Park ISD campus. The iPads are designated for dyslexic students and contain apps to specially designed to fit their needs in the classroom and at home learning environments.

Rotary iPadsAt a recent Deer Park Rotary Club meeting, the club presented San Jacinto Elementary with five iPads to assist the campus' dyslexia programs. During the meeting, Deer Park ISD Trustee and former Deer Park Rotary President Jason Cable announced he would match the club's contribution and fund the purchase of five additional devices. Current club president Jay Stokes (far left) presented the check to (from left) SJE Principal Robin Evans, SJE Dyslexia Specialist Julie Goodson, and DPISD Superintendent Victor White. Cable is on the right. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.A Deer Park ISD Trustee with help from the Deer Park Rotary Club is assisting students with learning disabilities at San Jacinto Elementary. Trustee Jason Cable teamed with the club he once led to provide iPads to dyslexic students at the campus.

Last year, Cable’s youngest daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic.

“We’re very fortunate that the district devotes resources to students with learning disabilities,” he said. “Dyslexic students learn differently, so you have to deploy different methodologies so that you can reach them.”

While today’s technology allows for students to learn in constantly evolving, interactive ways, and apps are dedicated to assisting students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia.

When the Cables asked Julie Goodson, SJE dyslexia specialist, if the family could provide their daughter an iPad to help accelerate her learning, they began to formulate ways of integrating the device and its apps to the classroom setting.

After the meeting, the Cable family decided to jumpstart the process and find a way to provide iPads to the campus specifically for the dyslexia program. Cable, a former Deer Park Rotary president, contacted the club for assistance with the project.

“The Rotary Club has such a connection with the school district and has a heart for the community, and the students and parents in Deer Park,” said Cable.

Deer Park Rotary Club agreed to provide the funding for five iPads to the program, totaling $2,920. At the presentation, it was announced the Cables would match the Rotary’s funds to provide five more devices.

“This will assist students who all the need is to find a coping mechanism. These students are extremely bright, but they struggle making the connections they need for learning,” said DPISD Superintendent Victor White