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Artist finds inspiration through passion

Written by Ashley Smith. Posted in Community

april artist_of_the_monthApril artist of the month Edith West is able to paint a wider variety of subjects thanks to art classes she continues to take. Photo by Ashley Smith.

Inspiration can come from many parts in a person's life, but the one thing that April's artist of the month Edith West has learned is the passion for a project can itself be inspiring.

"The things I like, I tend to do better," West said. "If the painting is for somebody and I know it's a subject they are going to like, I tend to have more interest in it."

Pastor's Corner: Thankfulness is not a thankless virtue

Written by Robert Briggs. Posted in Community

Pastor BriggsIf you're like me then one of the things you find most frustrating in life are those times when you go out of your way to help someone, be it major or minor, and receive in the end nothing for your good deed. No, I am not talking about rewards but simple gratitude; or as we more commonly call it "thankfulness." Why is it that so many people seem to not understand the importance of being thankful? Surely they have been on the receiving end of an ungrateful person's callousness. Shouldn't that make them more aware of their own treatment of others kindness?

The Bible talks about a time when people will become "unthankful, unholy" and "without natural affection" (1 Tim. 3:2) and it seems that this prophecy is clearly coming true in our own time. But is it inevitable or can we do something about it? Well, as far as the whole of humanity is concerned there is not much we can do. But as far as individuals we can do a lot.

Aesop, the fabulist of antiquity told the story of Androcles the slave. In this fable Androcles had run away from his master. On his flight to safety he ran across a great lion lying in a field moaning in apparent pain. Androcles quickly ran away but noticed that the lion did not stir. Realizing that the king of beast must be truly injured he decided to go back to take a closer look. And, as he approached, the lion held up a bloody and swollen front paw to the amazed man.

Fun for all abounds at Totally Texas

Written by Ashley Smith. Posted in Community

TTlogoCelebrate Texas' independence at the Totally Texas Festival, taking place April 12-14 at the Jimmy Burke Activity Center.

The festival gives Deer Park residents an opportunity to come together to support their town, but to learn about the community they live in.

"From a historical aspect, the festival teaches families about the history of the community, but it also benefits Deer Park economically, bringing visitors in to support local businesses," said Nicole Garvis, communications coordinator for the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce.

The festivities kick-off with a carnival beginning April 12 from 6-9 p.m. The carnival runs through the rest of the festival closing April 14 at 10 p.m.

The events continue on April 13 with the Miss Deer Park Beauty Pageant held at the Theatre and Courts building. Registration starts at 6 p.m. with the pageant beginning at 7 p.m.

APP welcomes Williams, sets next production

Written by staff. Posted in Community


Actors from both Art Park Players and Junior Art Park Players performed the Not-So-Grand Hotel, an outrageous comedy of errors, at the Art Park Players Theatre.   The Not-So-Grand Hotel was under the direction of longtime Art Park Player, Fred White and the production featured Evan Ryan, Nick Trevino, Caleb Monroe, Laura Freeman, Michaelina Gonzales, Victoria Bryan, De'Ja Wrought, Paul Arrigo, Matt Pena, Julianne McBride, Angela Sizemore and Carlie Bolmanski.  Casey Williams served as Assistant Director and APP Technical Director, Joe Piper, was assisted by Bob Nichol, Matt Walker, Chris Riggs, Katie Lewis, Megan Mesa, Rose Nichol and Markie Albertson.

The cast was treated to a critique by one of the playwrights of the show, Carl Williams, immediately following the performance.  The Art Park Players invite the public to its next dinner theatre production, SHOUT! The Mod Musical, opening April 27 and has a three-weekend run. To purchase tickets, contact the Box Office at 281-794-2448. Find more information at


Robles, McGuire honored as Laypersons of the Year

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

lindaandcaseyFor their tireless efforts of giving through their faith, Linda Robles and Casey McGuire were honored as laypersons of the year. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.

Members of the community's faithful came together for praise and fellowship at Thursday's 23rd annual Mayor's Prayer Luncheon. The event, hosted by the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce unites its members with local churches and their congregations while honoring citizens for their servant's hearts for their generosity through their faith.

This year, Linda Robles and Casey McGuire were honored as the Laypersons of the Year.

Drive to create fuels artist's workload

Written by Ashley Smith. Posted in Community

AOM032012Sandra Winkler's drive to create is evident in her works displayed at Wells Fargo Bank on Center Street. She is March's DP Art League Artist of the Month. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.

Sandra Winkler, the Deer Park Art League's artist of the month, doesn't limit her creations to just painting.

"I have this tremendous drive to create," Winkler said. "I sew, cook and paint. I want to create, it's in me."

As a child she would takes pieces of fabric and sew them together, creating new pieces of clothing. Winkler said it wasn't because she had to,, but because she wanted to.

When she began painting in school, she originally wanted to use watercolors because of the look and feel of the medium. Winkler found out quickly that oil paints were more to her liking.

Rotary honors Green for dedication to fire/EMS

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

GreenFFOMDespite her small stature Jeannie Green (center) Chief Greg Bridges (right) said she plays a huge role in the success of DPVFD. Green was honored by the Deer Park Rotary Club and President Bennie Boles (left) on Wednesday. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.

Jeannie Green is many things to the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department. This week, she was honored as the department's Fire Fighter of the Month by the Deer Park Rotary Club.

"She may only stand 4-foot 11, but her heart and passion for this fire department is bigger than anyone's," said Fire Chief Greg Bridges during his presentation.

Green came to the department in 2004 and was the rookie of the year for the department. She has earned numerous accolades from the department and from citizens she has assisted in her EMS runs.

DPUMC helping others find relief from rising food costs

Written by staff. Posted in Community

midamericafoodsMid America Foods was designed to bring hope and peace of mind to those who want to stretch their food dollars. Mid America Foods offers restaurant quality food at discounted prices. As people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet, suppliers are ready to help everyone battle hunger and give relief to those trying to survive on a slim budget. Deer Park United Methodist Church invites everyone to participate and benefit from its vast purchasing power.

DPUMC, located at 1300 E. 13th in Deer Park, is a local outreach center for MidAmerica Foods. Customers place their order online, and pick up the food box(es) at the church on the designated Saturday morning. For more information, or to place an order, go to and click on the MidAmerica Foods link.

DPUMC selling Easter Crosses

Written by staff. Posted in Community

EasterCross2012The Easter Cross Witness was created to bring unity to the body of Christ as we jointly testify and celebrate the Risen Christ together. Upon receipt, the cross is placed blank side out until Easter Sunday, when it is turned to declare, "He is Risen...And It is Finished!"

The Easter Cross is both a catalyst and conversation starter, giving a powerful visual witness that creates opportunities for believers to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Participation in the Easter Cross Witness provides a way for churches to enlist its members to be witnesses in the communities and neighborhoods in which God has placed them. As thousands of crosses go up around the country, the timid are emboldened to share their hope with friends and neighbors. Many have expressed that it is the Easter Cross Witness that got them over the hump to share the hope that is within them for the first time. Most importantly, the Easter Cross Witness binds the body of Christ together, as churches of all denominations gather together under the cross in unity.