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DPPD seeking info on possible pool contractor scam

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in News

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Deer Park police investigators are seeking information and possible victims of an alleged contractor scam. According to DPPD, Jamie Kujawa has solicited advertising pool installation and received checks totaling $10,000 then disappeared without beginning work.

Jamie KujawaKUJAWAAn self-described swimming pool contractor has allegedly bilked thousands of dollars from at least two Deer Park residents. The Deer Park Police Department is now seeking information on and more possible victims of Jamie Kujawa.

DPPD Lt. Frank Hart said Kujawa is from Pasadena and thus far, no evidence has shown his alleged company Texas Custom Pools or Texas Pool Installers is legitimate.

Hart said Kujawa noticed an above ground pool frame at one Deer Park home and made a sales pitch. The second victim he met in passing, Hart said. One victim was on Wisdom Drive on the city’s southwest side. The second victim was on one of the city’s newer neighborhoods. Hart did not give the location or street name.

He said the police department believes more citizens could have been taken by Kujawa’s sales pitch.

“When we posted about him on social media, we saw a lot of comments of people who seem to know him, or have seen him,” said Hart. “This guy seems to have looked around for opportunities.”

According to the DPPD release, as part of the agreement, Kujawa requests that the victim make a partial payment up front before any work can begin. The victims have reported that Kujawa follows up with them after the initial payment and advises that he is waiting on weather, permits, or other contractors before any work can begin.

Hart said one victim handed Kujawa a check for $2,000 and the other a check for $8,000.

“He promptly cashed the checks,” said Hart.

DPPD is asking any additional victims or persons with information on Kujawa contact the department at 281-479-1511.