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Chamber announces upcoming relocation

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in News

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After decades at its location on the far northern edge of Center Street, the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce announced it has sold its building to Romco Manufacturing, located next door. Beginning Aug. 1, the Chamber will operate out of the JSC Federal Credit Union on Eighth Street and Center.

Chamber of CommerceNearly 29 years to the day since it the Chamber moved into its current location at 110 Center Street, the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce announced it sold its property and will lease space from JSC Federal Credit Union on Eighth Street. The move will allow both the Chamber and its former neighbor Romco Manufacturing to expand. Photo by Travis Young/Deer Park Photos.The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce has announced it will relocate from its office at 110 Center Street to the JSC Federal Credit Union Building on Eighth Street beginning Aug. 1.

Almost 29 years ago to the day the building was dedicated, the Chamber announced to its membership via an email its relocation plans.

“Until then, all Chamber activities will remain at our current building,” the email said.

The move opens a new chapter for the Chamber and Romco Manufacturing, said Tim Culp, chamber CEO.

“For us, we’re outgrowing our space that we need to meet the needs of our members. We had an opportunity to sell the building to a local business that wants to stay in Deer Park and is wanting and needing to expand,” said Culp. “It was a unique opportunity for both the Chamber and Romco.”

At press time, a representative from Romco had not yet responded to questions.

Culp said the chamber’s plan is to lease the space from the credit union as it plans the next steps in its future.

“We’re going to relocate for a couple of years and in that time, we’ll work toward either securing property. We could either purchase an existing property and remodel or purchase land and build our own new building,” he said.

The goals could be accomplished through a capital campaign.

Culp said after so many years in one location, there will be new challenges for the chamber.

“We might lose a little bit of the recognition aspect in that our members have known us to be in one place for so many years,” he said. “At the same time, we have an opportunity to move forward with a new facility and be more useful to our members. It’s a new era for the Chamber and at the same time we were able to help a business remain in Deer Park. It was a win-win scenario for everyone.”