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City addresses water pressure concerns following freeze

Written by Staff. Posted in News

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Following two days of sub-freezing temperatures, many Deer Park residents have expressed concerns about low water pressure. Public works crews worked throughout the night Tuesday and into Wednesday morning responding to possible water line breaks.

The City of Deer Park has taken measures to address citizen concerns regarding water pressure and to verify that the Surface Water Treatment Plant and associated infrastructure are working properly following the winter weather experienced this week.

"The Surface Water Treatment Plant is operating at normal levels and releasing water at an acceptable pressure," Public Works Director Bill Pedersen said. “The system is experiencing a higher volume of use than is normal this time of year, likely because residents and businesses are letting their pipes and faucets drip, but the system is operating normally and we do have adequate fire protection throughout the city.”

A Public Works crew has been working all night responding approximately 45 calls reporting broken lines. As of this morning, only one was on a city owned water trunk main, which has been repaired. All others were on private property, which are the homeowners’ responsibility to repair. The city will shut the water off at the meter for the property owner, so the property owner does not continue to incur water use charges, until the property owner can hire a plumber to fix their service line.

"If you are experiencing low flow or no flow at this time, it is likely due to a frozen pipe between your meter and your home or business."

To report a concern related to water pressure or flow, citizens may call Public Works during normal business hours (8AM-5PM, Monday to Friday) at 281-478-7253.

After hours, citizens may call Deer Park Police Department dispatch at 281-479-1511.

Citizens are reminded NOT to call 9-1-1 for non-emergencies.

To help prevent your pipes from freezing, make sure that you have insulated your lines, especially on the exterior of your home or business. Additionally, you can drip the exterior faucets and interior faucets that have pipes on an outside wall. Opening cabinet doors will also help to keep the lines warmer by exposing them to the warmer air located inside your property. While these techniques can reduce the chance that your pipes freeze, there is no guarantee that they will not freeze.