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Threat against DPHS-NC deemed a hoax

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Schools

Deer Park ISD announced early this morning that a student received a threat regarding a school shooting. The threat, sent via text message, was reported to Deer Park Police and the school district. Deer Park Police investigation revealed the threat is similar to a hoax involving schools in Iowa and California.

A purported school threat originating in two other states was sent to a Deer Park ISD student last night.

The high school student received the threat via text message from an unfamiliar number stating “everyone at North is going to die tomorrow,” and that “you better not go to school tomorrow or you will die.”

The threat was reported to the school district and Deer Park police. Police believe the threat was part of a hoax that has affected schools in Iowa and California.

Deer Park Police this morning said the message, which is a screenshot of a text, has gone viral because of its vagueness. It is also being investigated by the Johnston Police Department in Iowa.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Deer Park ISD alerted parents of the threat via its Skylert system.

“The District contacted the Deer Park Police Department, who confirmed that details about the threat indicated it was part of the hoax. For instance, the threat made it clear that the person who sent it had no idea that the school is a freshman campus,” said Victor White, Deer Park ISD superintendent. “As an added precaution, security has been increased at North Campus today.”

White said students and parents can report suspicious behavior to the district or local police. The district also uses the Anonymous Alerts system, where suspicious or dangerous behavior can be made anonymously. These reports can be made by going to any DPISD campus website or and clicking the Anonymous Alerts logo.