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DPISD opts to extend 2 half-days to make up lost instruction time

Written by Staff. Posted in Schools

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This week, Deer Park ISD announced the state will not allow the district to waive two instructional days missed due to the recent freeze. To make up for the lost time, the district extended two days that were  scheduled to be half-days.

At a special meeting this week, the Deer Park ISD Board of Trustees voted to change two early dismissal days – Feb. 7 and May 25 – to full instructional days.

The change in the DPISD calendar comes after the state will not permit the district to waive the missed days. With the waiver denial, the school district must make up for lost instructional time.

According to a press release from the district, the district had three options to make up the lost instruction time.

Have students go to school on the bad weather day included in the District Calendar, which is listed on March 30.
Extend the school year by an extra day to recover the lost minutes; or
Extend the school day for a specific amount of time to recover the lost minutes.

The board chose the third option as many families may have already made plans for summer vacation time and the March 30 holiday, which is Good Friday. March 30 is listed as a student and staff holiday on the original 2017-18 calendar adopted by the School Board.

The district cautioned that if any additional school days are missed, it would have to consider the other two options, including having regular school day on March 30.

The district has provided a revised school calendar which can be found by clicking here.