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Astros announcer visits DP Rotary

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

Less than 24 hours before he announced his retirement, Houston Astros play-by-play TV announcer Bill Brown spent time with the Deer Park Rotary Club. Brown said the true joy of sports is found deeper than the surface of wins and losses. It comes from how athletes interact with their fans and community when the cameras are not around

McDonald keeps giving the gift of life

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community


Patrick Scott McDonald is the gift that keeps on giving. Over the course of 40 years, he has donated more than 100 gallons of blood and countless volunteer hours to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. For his efforts, he will be inducted into the Fenwal Hall of Fame next month.

BUSINESS BEAT: October 2016

Written by Debbie Westbeld. Posted in Community


Business Beat is a monthly column recognizing Deer Park’s newest businesses and giving you other interesting business news from around town. Debbie Westbeld is the Economic Development Administrator for the City of Deer Park, and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 281-478-2042. Visit for more business information.

DPVFD, Domino's teaming up for pizza giveaway

Written by staff. Posted in Community

dpvfdlogoeditedDominosPizzaTwo local Houston area Domino’s locations and the National Fire Protection Association are teaming up with the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Marshals Office to promote fire safety during Fire Prevention Week Oct. 9-15.

On Oct. 11 from 3-7 p.m. anyone who orders a Domino’s pizza from the location at 301 Center St. may be randomly selected and surprised at the door when their pizza arrives aboard a fire engine. If the smoke alarms in the home are working, the pizza is free. If the smoke alarms are not working, the firefighters will install fully functioning alarms or replace the batteries.

The second location is in Spring and pizzas from that location will be randomly delivered by the South Montgomery Fire Department on Oct. 10 and Oct. 13.

This year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign theme is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years.”

Pettitte to host Arms of Hope gala

Written by staff. Posted in Community

Pettitte AndyPETTITTEMajor League Baseball legend and Deer Park native Andy Pettitte will host a special conversation at the Arms of Hope Reaching Generations Gala on Friday, Oct. 21 at the Downtown Houston Hyatt Regency.

Andy Pettitte played 18 Major League Baseball seasons with the New York Yankees and Houston Astros. He won five World Series championships with the Yankees and was a three-time All-Star. He ranks as MLB’s all-time postseason wins leader with 19 and is the only MLB pitcher since 1930 to win at least 12 games in each of his first nine seasons. After nine seasons with the Yankees, Pettitte joined the Houston Astros in 2004, helping them make their first trip to the World Series in 2005. He rejoined the Yankees in 2007 and produced a fifth World Series championship. His number 46 was retired by the Yankees on Aug. 23, 2015.

Fire Prevention Parade set for Saturday morning

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

teaser firetruckIN OUR COMMUNITY
Saturday morning, perhaps the city’s loudest parade will traverse down Center Street. The Deer Park Fire Marshal’s Office and Fire Department will host their annual Fire Prevention Parade beginning at 10 a.m. More than 50 different trucks, ambulances, ladders and other fire fighting vehicles from across the region are scheduled to participate.

Letter to the editor: Fire safety magnified during fire prevention week

Written by Letter to the Editor. Posted in Community

Working in the fire service for 36 years, I’ve seen the life-saving difference working smoke alarms can make in a home fire. Sadly, I’ve also seen the devastation that can result when smoke alarms aren’t working properly; the consequences can be tragic, or even fatal. That’s why it’s so important for all our residents to have fully functioning smoke alarms in their homes.

Many people assume that because they have smoke alarms in their homes, they’re automatically protected in the event of a fire. In reality, it’s not quite that simple. Smoke alarms need to installed, maintained and tested regularly to ensure that they’re working properly. Part of that effort includes knowing how old your smoke alarms are, because smoke alarms don’t last forever. That’s something many people don’t know, but at the Deer Park Fire Prevention, we’re working to change that.

In coordination with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we’re actively promoting this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Don’t Wait-Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years,” which reinforces the importance of knowing how old your smoke alarms are, and to replace them after 10 years. Fire Prevention Week is October 9-15, 2016.

To find out when it’s time to replace the smoke alarms in your home, simply look on the back of the alarm where the date of manufacture is marked. The smoke alarm should be replaced 10 years from that date (not the date of purchase or installation).

Here are some additional smoke alarm recommendations and guidelines:
Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement.
Interconnect all smoke alarms throughout the home. When one sounds, they all sound.
Test alarms each month by pushing the test button.
Replace all smoke alarms, including alarms that use 10-year batteries and hard-wired alarms, when they are 10 year old or sooner if they do not respond properly.
Make sure everyone in the home knows the sound the smoke alarms make, and that everyone understands what to do when they hear them.
If the smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside.

Please share this potentially life-saving information about smoke alarms with your neighbors, and help make our community that much safer from home fires.

To learn more about smoke alarms and this year’s “Don’t Wait-Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years,” visit NFPA’s Web site at and

Fire Marshal Buddy Rice
Deer Park Fire Marshal’s Office

DPVFD's Gift of Christmas campaign underway

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

dpvfdlogoeditedIN OUR COMMUNITY
For nearly 30 years, the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department’s Gift of Christmas has brightened the holidays for countess local families. From gifts for under the tree to a fully furnished meal and more for the holiday season, the fire department has relied on the community’s generosity to complete its Christmas mission.

Library to host lecture on WWII-era internment program

Written by staff. Posted in Community

The internment of civilians in America during World War II remains controversial. How did these camps begin and what was life like for the people who lived there? On Thursday, Oct. 20 Dr. Abbie Grubb will speak about the origins, development and experience of internment during World War II. The program will begin at 7 PM in the library’s meeting room.

After the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order #9066 authorizing the designation of Military Areas for the purpose of exclusion. Both houses of Congress passed Public Law 503 to carry out the enforcement of the order. More than 120,000 people of Japanese descent were relocated to internment camps, along with several thousand individuals of German or Italian descent. The majority of those interned were American citizens.

Ending child abuse starts with love

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Community

teaser childabuseIN OUR COMMUNITY
Houston author Sheila Aron visited the Deer Park Rotary Club to talk about child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment resources. Through The Thread Alliance, Aron has helped victims, parents and community members unite to stop the abuse cycle one child at a time.