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College’s honors program a showcase of excellence, diversity

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San Jacinto College’s honors program is one of the most diverse organizations on campus, with students from China, Vietnam, Africa, Pakistan, Latino nations, and various other nations, as well as non-traditional students 25 and older.

Iza Sheith is a sophomore honors student from Pakistan who attends San Jacinto College. A disciplined student who maintains high grades, Sheith is majoring in radiology.

Resident turns party into successful fundraiser

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Latest

When friends Rae Sinor and Patti Rountree planned their joint birthday party, they rejoiced as they counted their reasons to celebrate. But as the day grew closer, the dark cloud of tragedy hovered. Days before the party, Pasadena police officer Jesse Hamilton was shot and killed as he responded to a domestic disturbance.
With more than 200 people on their invitation lists, Sinor found a way to turn their celebration into a vehicle to help Hamilton's family.
Instead of requesting gifts for their birthdays, the women asked for donations to give to the Hamiltons. At the party, more than $2,000 was raised.

Papa's got a brand new bag

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Deer Escort Drill team members were joined by their fathers at the annual Bob and Sue Halftime Show at last week's varsity football game. Photo provided by Deer Park Photos.

Click below to see more scenes from this special halftime show, which included all four Deer Park ISD junior high bands.

CPA: Tracking crime, even if it's not there and the long arm of the law reaches out

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Latest

Editor’s note:This is part seven of a series covering the Deer Park Police Department's Citizens Police Academy. Editor/Publisher Bobby Vasquez is a participant in the academy.

Living in a community such as Deer Park, it’s difficult to fathom the types of crimes and the rates cities such as Houston and even Pasadena experience.

 However, crimes happen and when they do, Lucie Corley, the Deer Park Police Department’s crime analyst is keeping tabs.

Local church refills food bank's empty shelves

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Last Sunday, members of Deer Park’s CenterPoint Community Church were not in church. Instead, they were out in our community collecting food for Deer Park's InterFaith Helping Hands food bank and praying for our city, as part of their Faith In Action Sunday.
"We just want to thank all of our neighbors for their generosity. The response was amazing," said Pastor Bob Hotten. "The rain broke, hearts opened and people were blessed." The need continues, and Hotten encourages everyone to take a moment and consider what he or she can do to help someone else. "Several churches have food banks that are in need as well, so please consider making a donation to any food bank," Hotten said.

The InterFaith Helping Hands food bank is located next to San Jacinto Baptist Church, 3002 Center Street in Deer Park.

San Jacinto College and West Gulf Maritime Association receive training grant

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“We live in a global economy and the maritime industry is the entry point into this economy for Texas,” said Nathan Wesely, vice president, treasurer and general counsel for the West Gulf Maritime Association. “This grant allows us to train hundreds of workers in this critical industry.”


The Continuing & Professional Development division of San Jacinto College and the West Gulf Maritime Association (WGMA) have been awarded a $441,978 educational training grant from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The Rose offers hope to women fighting breast cancer

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Latest

The Rose CEO Dorothy Weston-Gibbons accepts a check for $250 from Deer Park Rotary President Jerry Mouton on behalf of the club. Donations such as this assist uninsured women receive the treatment and services to fight breast cancer. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.

When women are running out of breast cancer treatment options, The Rose has been there for them. Dorothy Weston-Gibbons, CEO The Rose breast cancer treatment center, was the guest speaker at this week's Deer Park Rotary Luncheon. Her message was loud and clear: Women may think they are too young to get mammograms, but they are not too young to get breast cancer.

San Jacinto College Foundation hosts 14th annual tournament

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The San Jacinto College Foundation will host the 14th annual San Jacinto College Foundation Golf Tournament, with guest host Andy Pettitte, on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009 at the Battleground Golf Course in Deer Park.

Monies raised from this event are dedicated to student scholarships. To date, the Foundation golf tournament has raised more than $892,000. In fact, for the 2008-09 academic year, the Foundation awarded over 600 scholarships totaling more than $265,000.

CPA: Deer Park not immune to child abuse, sex offenders

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Latest

Editor’s note: This is part six of a series covering the Deer Park Police Department's Citizens Police Academy. Editor/Publisher Bobby Vasquez is a participant in the academy.
When detectives investigate crimes and crime scenes, they don't gather evidence in hopes that 60 minutes later (including commercials), their suspect is signed, sealed and ready to stand trial. Honestly, what we see on crime investigation televisions shows couldn't be further from what really happens.
"If you believe what you see on CSI, then you should go look for the pineapple under the sea," said DPPD detective Jason Meredith. "It's all Hollywood."

Student says applying for scholarships ‘not hard or complicated’

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San Jacinto College student Natasha Howard’s message to others about scholarships: “There is money out there to help you. All you have to do is apply.” Photo provided by San Jacinto College.

Scholarship funds administered through the San Jacinto College Foundation are helping Natasha Howard fulfill her educational and career dreams. Howard plans to graduate from San Jacinto College Central in autumn 2010, earning an associate degree in business administration. She then plans to transfer to Sam Houston State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, and her career goal is to become a successful minority businesswoman.
Howard applied for and received three scholarships through the College’s Foundation that have helped her tremendously — the Book Scholarship (which helps to purchase textbooks), the Stars Scholarship (granted on the basis of financial need), and the Don and Barbara Carpenter Scholarship (for business students).
To show her gratitude, Howard recently sent a letter of appreciation to scholarship contributors John and Rose Moon, in which she stated: “Thank you for investing in my future and supporting the students at San Jacinto College. I will remember your unselfish acts of kindness forever with hopes that I too will one day be able to touch a young person’s life and inspire others to give back to the community just as you did.”